Professional, qualified grooming, with a personal touch

GreenDog Grooming is based in Staines-Upon-Thames, Middlesex. We provide a full dog grooming service, as well as a “wash & brush up” for those in between times.

Prices start from £45 and are dependent on condition of coat, breed style and temperament of dog. More about our services

All dogs need to be groomed…

However, the type of grooming and timescales will vary according to the different breed, needs and lifestyle of your pet. Regular and appropriate grooming by you and a professional groomer will:

  • Ensure a healthy, well-conditioned coat and that your dog looks great.
  • Reduce odour – both for your pet and in your home.
  • Reduce skin complaints.
  • Help you bond with your dog.
  • Aid in checking for any emerging health issues.
  • Prevent the coat from matting.

Coats prone to matting should be brushed daily.

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